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Poroshenko believes Ukraine’s enemies Putin and poverty

Порошенко считает врагами Украины Путина и бедностьObstacles on the way of Ukraine to EU and NATO creates the President of the Russian Federation and the poverty of the Ukrainians, Poroshenko said.

The way of Ukraine to EU and NATO prevented the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the poverty of the Ukrainians. This was during a visit to Zhytomyr region on Monday, March 11, the President said Petro Poroshenko.

“We must not forget that not only Putin creates obstacles on our path to EU and NATO. We have another enemy. We clearly need to understand and to unite in the fight against this enemy. We know the name of this enemy. It’s poverty. We know that a lot of people we live is still very poor. And this, I repeat, embarrassing for the country that has these opportunities,” he said.

Poroshenko believes that to overcome poverty largely helps decentralization.

Also steps in the fight against poverty he called the indexation of pensions, which promised to hold it annually, and the monetization of subsidies.

“Every month now every Ukrainian will notice and feel that the monthly life changing that poverty retreats. Three or four years ago, I still couldn’t promise, because too strong a blow to us has caused the Russian aggression”, – he said.

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