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Popular Ukrainian actor spoke about the possible introduction of visas with Russia

Популярный украинский артист высказался о возможном введении виз с РФThe introduction of visas with Russia will be “another problem” for citizens of Ukraine.

The introduction of visa regime with the Russian Federation will be “another problem” for Ukrainian citizens working in Russia; it is incorrect to draw direct Parallels between the aggression of Russia against Ukraine and the Second world war.

This opinion was expressed by the singer and showman Andrey Danilko.

“For people who still travel to Russia and trying to earn enough to feed their families, is another problem. Everything is done to ensure that people were worse. They are called unpatriotic, even by some, but all this talk of ringing the pan. Well, let’s introduce a visa. And all will be easier” – asked the artist.

Responding to the remark of journalists that we are talking about forced unpopular measure associated with the aggression of Russia against Ukraine, Danilko said, “Yes, but this is an unusual war, an unusual situation. All somehow compare this situation with the Second world war. But the situation is completely different”.

He added: similarly, you should not compare the national policies of France regarding the French language and the state policy of Ukraine in relation to Ukrainian. “The French life spoke French, the language not similar to English or any other language. But Russian and Ukrainians are very close peoples, living in Ukraine bilingual people. So do not talk about the Russian language as the enemy,” – says Danilko.

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