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Poor Russia

Бедная Россия

Authorities warn about wage growth, however, hide the glaring inequalities is becoming increasingly difficult.

By order of the official RIA Novosti compiled and just published the salary rating of Russian regions. On the basis of certainly not less official information of Rosstat. Knowing that the picture is not much like the public (and in fact, quite readable material summarizing the results of this study, “dislikes” put ten times more than “likes”), RIA Novosti comforting reports that the “expected improvement”, and that concerns the higher authorities “inequality continues to shrink.”

I’m sorry the publishers of these mandatory words and take everything useful that they provided. Source they have, I repeat, not some private surveys, and data from the state statistics. More interesting to look at what these data are transformed after some processing.

Rosstat usually operates with so-called average monthly accrued wages of employees of organizations. In January—October it was 42.3 thousand. these figures come from all state-owned stands.

Reduce this amount by 13% (in the report of RIA Novosti are the money received by workers on hand after deduction of personal income tax). Get 36.8 thousand RUB.

But this is only the first step. The drafters of the report do not use the arithmetic mean wage, and the two versions of the median (and this is absolutely correct).

In Russia on average for the last part of 2018, the median salary (i.e. being right in the middle — half of the recipients it is less, half more) was 26.9 thousand RUB This is almost 10 thousand less than the “average” which saluted their superiors.

And for each of eight dozen Russian regions RIA Novosti reports about the median range of salaries — i.e. what are the boundaries that work half of the hired workers, which is above a quarter of low-income and lower quarters of the most profitable. In General, Russia has turned this situation: 17 thousand to 44 thousand That is, one in four workers earn less than 17 thousand, and the same proportion — more than 44 thousand

In other words, the majority of citizens gets less or much less than the 42 thousand rubles., issued by the authorities for allegedly average earnings. When the higher ranks and exalt himself over the size and wage growth, then widespread irritation occurs do not scratch.

Go ahead. The proportion of those RIA Novosti believes rich or at least wealthy (receiving more than 100 thousand), is 4.4% in Russia as a whole, and the proportion defined as poor (receiving 15 thousand less) to 20.1%. Agree that people living with a family for the fifteen-thousand or even more modest earnings really very poor. They are (officially, at least) of 10 million (minimum wage minus income tax) to 15 thousand per month.

At the same time revealed a few million affluent and wealthy there is no monolithic class are not. One earns a hundred thousand hard labor in the oil fields in distant lands, where the poor live and everything is expensive. Give another few hundred thousand for doing nothing and knopkonazhimanie in a warm and welcoming state Duma.

Popular recipes of enriching the poor (to raise the minimum wage) and curb the rich (to introduce a progressive income tax) can do nothing to seriously change.

The minimum wage has raised to the level of the mass of the official wages in poor regions — namely, there is concentrated the majority of low-income citizens. Any serious its further increase will lead to layoffs and fraud. However, all estimates remain “gray” work. They play an important role in the poor lands and rich. The current major offensive of government services in the employment sector does something to the Treasury, but much more takes away from the people, depriving them of honest and useful for others to earn, though not sharing with the authorities. This is especially crushing blow for the Russian hinterland, where opportunities for formal employment, far less than in Metropolitan areas.

As for the progressive tax on the privileged classes than of the people privilegirovannoe, the less value it has a formal salary. All sorts of benefits he gets just as attached to a post. No wonder the system paid mourners for the people calling to introduce a progressive scale, keep quiet about these hidden benefits, which themselves are not going to give up in any case.

And finally, on regional contrasts. There is nothing sensational is reported.

The richest, of course, was the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (the proportion receiving more than 100 thousand to 27%, the proportion receiving 15 thousand and less than — 1.5%, and the median earnings range 45-107 thousand), the Entire first ten — term, oil, gas, diamond and expensive to live in regions and Moscow (18% of the rich, 3% poor, with a median earnings range of 33-80 million) In the second and third dozens — Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad region, North-West regions, autonomy and the province of the Volga region, the Urals a few areas. At the end of the list is the autonomy of the North Caucasus region and the Russian heartland. Here, for example, Pskov: 0,6% of the rich, 37.1% of poor, median earnings range from 12 to 28 thousand

Contrasts were and remain enormous. The line of our archaic society are not only between classes but also between regions. The reason — obsession system on the sale of diamonds mined in only a few edges of the giant country, and the vertical power device, whereby good living, those who are stationed close to the top of its chain links, and bad — those at the bottom. In such a situation, no poultice, no official “poverty” can’t help in principle.

Published hands official earnings — expressive, but very incomplete picture of how we all work. It is only the edge carefully structured inequality that is imposed on the country, the feudal-conservative machine.

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