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Poor quality alcohol destroys liver cells at the genetic level

Некачественное спиртное разрушает клетки печени на генетическом уровнеThe researchers conducted experiments on rodents and found that poor quality alcohol even in small doses, is dangerous for the liver.

“Even a small flow of methanol into the body leads to irreversible destruction of liver cells. Damaged the most important elements and not restored. So spoiled it is the genetic material, DNA, and the cell cannot reproduce,” the report says scientists.

Low-quality alcohol is also threatened by poisoning. At high doses of methyl alcohol (methanol) a person can die within two to three hours (30-50 grams is blindness, and 100 grams and above — a lethal dose). Acute poisoning is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, severe headache, sudden vision loss, including blindness. In severe cases, the skin and mucous membranes acquire a bluish color, difficulty breathing, convulsions, and death from suffocation.

Do not get carried away also and quality of alcohol, as this may also lead to problems with liver, other organs and body systems.
The alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages, produces agglutination of erythrocytes (red blood cells), they clog the capillaries, resulting in the death of neurons from oxygen starvation. With alcohol dependence develop such dangerous diseases like pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, cirrhosis. Suffers heart: it increases in its tissues appear with numerous scars that threaten to heart attack and can lead to death.

Because alcohol changes the structure of DNA, 90 percent of children with deviations in mental development and persons with disabilities are born in people who abuse alcohol, scientists say.

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