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Poll: Russians do not want to go to rallies against pension reform

Опрос: Россияне уже не хотят идти на митинги против пенсионной реформы

The number of Russians willing to participate in actions against the pension reform, for the month declined sharply. If in August talked about this 53% of respondents “Levada-center”, in September — only 35%. However, 60% said they participate in such actions do not intend to, and another 5% were undecided. Almost 79% of respondents admitted that they did not notice that in their village held similar protests.

Russians ‘ attitude to pension reform became slightly more loyal. So, 29% said that the President of the Russian Federation amendments to the reform improves the situation, however, 39% believe that these amendments did not substantially change. It also found that 22% of respondents know nothing about the televised address of the President on the pension reform.

Overall, however, the opinion of the respondents on pension reform remains negative. 63% said they had a sharply negative attitude to the increase in the retirement age for men and 66% for women. About the “rather negative” attitude to that of said equal time — 22%.

The attitude of the President after his amendments to the reform was worse, 34% of respondents, better to him were treated for only 7%, and 57% attitude has not changed.

The survey was conducted from 20 to 26 September on a nationwide sample of urban and rural populations of 1,600 people aged 18 years and older, in 136 villages, 52 subjects of the Russian Federation.

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