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Poll: Almost 40% of Russians considered the economic situation in Russia bad

Опрос: Почти 40% россиян сочли экономическую ситуацию в РФ плохой

More than a third (36%) of Russians said “bad” economic situation in the country and only 8% of citizens think it is good. These are the results of poll of Fund “Public opinion” (FOM).

At the same time, the study showed, almost half (49%) of respondents believe that the economic situation in Russia is “satisfactory”.

Meanwhile, only 14% of Russians predict economic improvement in the coming months. They argue that the fact that, in particular, “the new government (Cabinet of Ministers Mikhail mishustina — ed.) has something to show,” “the economy is working smart, literate people” and just the fact that “I want to believe in it.”

At the same time, 17% of respondents expect deterioration of the situation since, in their view, the country has “no industry”, “no management action”, “the standard of living falls,” and “enterprises, small businesses close.”

The majority of Russians (58%) believe that the economic situation in Russia in the next few months “will not change”.

We will remind also, earlier in February, the results of their survey, presented the research holding “ROMIR”, which recorded that the main problems of the country Russians consider poverty and rising prices.

“During the whole observation period most Russians are concerned about poverty and low wages (18%), rising prices and inflation (16%). The peak of concern about the growth of prices occurred in 2014 — the economic crisis”, — noted experts.

In addition, the Russians pay attention to unemployment, problems with housing, wage delays, influx of migrants, crime, drug addiction, weakness of the government.

Before the Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Anton Kotkov called poverty and fertility decline the most acute social problems in Russia. “First and foremost, is poverty. We have a fairly high level of poverty, which need to date to put at the forefront of all our main areas of activity”, — said the head of the Ministry of labor. In his view, an equally important topic — declining birth rate.

At the end of December, the then Minister of economic development (MED) of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”, said that social inequality and poverty are among the major problems that limit the growth of the Russian economy.

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