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Political denialism

Политический дениализм

Denialism (eng. denialism) is a form of ideology, based on denial of reality, contrary to the personal beliefs of the individual.

Until recently, I could not understand why a significant number of people share completely wild, in my opinion, views on politics, Economics and history.
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For example, how people can vehemently claim that the USSR was almost the promised land with delicious ice cream and free apartments, completely ignoring his other “charms”: the total deficit, the poverty of goods, 90% of poorly copied from the outdated Western models, the dire poverty of the population, the strangling of basic freedoms and lies in everything?

Why did Stalin for them — “effective Manager”, at first almost alone provernuvshaya industrialization, and then saved the country from the horrors of fascism, not the executioner who killed millions of innocent people and unleashed the Second World hand-in-hand with Hitler (the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact)?

How many more Communists are to be worn with a long foul ideas of Marx, if any freshman modern economic institution it is obvious that he formulated the creed of communism (“to Each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”) is contrary to common sense and human nature (the needs are unlimited)?

Well, to hell with her, with the history, there are things more relevant. How can I resent the officials, plunder the country and to seek her wildest economy regulations, but to assume that Putin (directly appointed them to the posts) nothing to do with it at all and “handsome”?

How in the minds of people can coexist, the idea that “sanctions are nonsense, and we only benefit” with discontent flooded the shelves surrogate products at exorbitant prices?

How goes the status of a world superpower, having no analogues in the world missiles “with nuclear engine with unlimited range and unpredictable trajectory” with 27.8% of Russians who in the twenty-first century freeze ass in the toilet-birdhouse next to the house?

Why should almost any deputatishki the children to settle down abroad (villas and), and the agent of the state Department still Navalny, who is out from jail only to publish another anti-corruption investigation and call for a rally against pension reform?

This list could go on and on, but you get the idea: there are lots of statistics, mountains of publications and a huge number of totally obvious facts, but people manage it all successfully ignored, not just remaining a prisoner of its delusions, and fiercely defending them!

I sincerely wondered how is that possible, we are not faced with the “blockseminar”. These are guys who seriously believe that:

the earth is a flat disc 40,000 km in diameter, centered in the North pole area;

the sun and Moon rotate above the Earth’s surface. The same thing happens to stars;

no gravity, and the acceleration of free fall arises due to the fact that the Earth is moving upwards with an acceleration of 9.8 m/S2;

the South pole does not exist, and Antarctica is an ice wall surrounding world;

all photos of the Earth from space are fakes, and all who disagree with their point of view involved in the conspiracy to hide the truth from us.

They even have their own organization, the Flat Earth Society (flat Earth Society), no one catches to put in the loony bin, they do not prick in the head antipsychotics and read force the physics textbook for the seventh class of high school.

“Blacksilence” is just one (albeit very bright) an example of a fairly widespread phenomenon — denialism. The essence of denialism is very simple: when faced with any fact contrary to their beliefs, the appropriate people adjust their beliefs, and denialist — reject do not fit into their beliefs fact.

Suddenly it turned out that the people who deny the facts on which the society long ago there was a consensus, a lot. Perhaps you are one of them. Look at these statements:

there are genetically modified organisms dangerous;

the human immunodeficiency virus does not exist;

global warming does not exist;

Americans landed on the moon;

children do not need to be vaccinated;

evolution is only a theory;

the harm of Smoking has not been proven.

If you agree with at least one of them, you denialist, congratulations. Please don’t be afraid to get upset or try to prove his innocence to a greater or lesser extent denialism peculiar to each of us regardless of gender, age and even education.

Political denialism easily confused with the normal political position, but between them there is a significant difference — denialism irrational. “We are against raising taxes because it will slow economic growth” — this is normal. “We are against raising taxes that are imposed on our country overseas supervisors from the fed to enslave us and take over the country” — a typical denialism.

Not to be confused with denialism a lie. A liar deceives others, denialist — himself. The Deputy, telling voters about the horrors of a nuclear attack, in which he bought a house and his wife lives with her daughters — a liar. Working Uralvagonzavod smashing his purchased credit iPhone to take revenge on the U.S. for sanctions — denialist. Idiot denialist — these two qualities relate to each other.

The causes of political denialism banal.


Someone sickened by the thought that he stands priletevshiy feet to the tiny spinning ball, flying in the abyss without any support, someone afraid to introduce your child with the vaccine even deactivated, but the virus, and someone simply is afraid to admit to himself that his whole life was an idiot, who regaled beautiful tales about the patriotism, to squeeze dry.

What a miserable existence he eked out not for great ideas, and some fat face was able to buy his Villa in Italy. That life is lived foolishly and in vain, and his own children will inherit only ragged trousers, odnushku in the asshole town and looted before the founding of the country. And that this fault is not the machinations of the world behind the scenes, and his own stupidity.

To understand such a lot of pain, and it’s hard to blame those who are trying to escape from this pain in the saving illusion.


Revise their ideas about the world and society — not an easy one: much to think about, to rethink and to draw conclusions. The brain requires a tremendous amount of energy: in an adult the proportion of cerebral metabolism of the total energy needs of the body is 9% during sleep, 20-25% during wakefulness and 30-40% during peak of intellectual exertion, stressful.

Of course, otsadochnaja hard work and unsettled life of a person not just to allocate such resources in order to study, compare, to compare and comprehend.

Until something extraordinary happens, it’s much easier to rely on ideas gleaned from the TV during the evening news between another senseless talk show and advertising pads.


Tobacco companies are sponsoring the studies proving the harmlessness of Smoking; oil producers are struggling to discredit the impact of anthropogenic factors on global warming; some crooks make money on books and lectures that AIDS is a conspiracy of doctors, or that man evolved from aliens; manufacturers of “eco” products ridicule GMOs and fertilizers — so is it any wonder that politicians who received complete control of the media, use them to your advantage?

So when we hear about 86% of support for Putin, the benefits of raising the retirement age, soaring to the skies a prestige of Russia on the world stage or the growth of the economy, but see with our own eyes that none of his friends voted for Putin, friends of all the men under retirement age lived units that in all neighboring countries the level of living is several times higher than ours, and that we grow only the price, not surprising.

For the sake of the possibility of impunity to assign billions of dollars lie in the TV is still the lesser of two evils.


Geniality not just deny the facts. In order to reconcile your ideas with reality (the earth is flat, but the GPS somehow works, Putin is a great statesman, but does not fulfill the promises and we live worse and worse), they build a theory that resolves these contradictions.

To build such theory can be either based on a logical error, or referring to someone’s plot, or doing both at the same time.

Therefore, the “blacksilence” must be dumb enough to not understand the obvious to every student the fact that the motion with continuous acceleration at 1g Earth only 347 days would reach the speed of light (which in turn would require the revision of all known physics), and believe that all the pictures from space and the whole space program is part of a conspiracy to fool them.

Similarly, the socio-political geniality often do not know history and Economics, and all the obvious problems attributed to sabotage by the US, IMF, “world government”, the “fifth column”, the “liberal block in the government” and other domestic and foreign enemies.


Flash denialism often form local pockets. For example in USA is very common topic of abductions by aliens, and we have this nonsense not popular. Or on the contrary, Americans do not believe that cold water can get sick (sick from infection) and we have just that — “cold”, even if in the street +30.

This is due to the fact that misconceptions are passed on like a virus by contact, especially emotionally-saturated. When a friend with sincere horror tells the story of how the child was vaccinated and he became disabled, and then you read almost the same thing in an expensive glossy magazine, it makes an impression on those who were not interested in the real statistics of complications after vaccination.

When you day after day from the TV foaming at the mouth to dozens of different people (leading, “experts,” officials, “of the inhabitants of the witnesses”) broadcast about the Russian world is hostile to my country, boys crucified and rising from his knees, when you communicate at work with the same brainwashed, it’s hard not to succumb to the desire to keep a low profile, not to be contrarian, to go against friends and relatives.

What to do?

Fighting denialism is an extremely hard task, especially when it comes to dealing with political errors.

A simple change propaganda on the “right” does not destroy denialism, but only changes some misconceptions on others. So, for example, now many in Ukraine deny the similarity of the genotypes of Ukrainians and Russians, claiming that the Russians are not even Slavs, and whether the Tatar, or Finno-Finns.

To convince denialists alone is also meaningless. For example, “blacksilence” say that they believe in a round Earth, if your eyes will see it from space. But even if you run one of them into space, spending about $20 million, it will not prevent the rest to say that he was bribed and he is now involved in the conspiracy.

Similarly, to renounce his errors political denialists treated as traitors-defectors, is sold to the state Department for cookies.

Rooted in society denialism should be treated as a systemic chronic disease: a long, tedious, lots of expensive drugs at the same time:

To remove fear and negative emotions, offering people an attractive image of the future. Yes, not just poking his nose in mistakes, but to show the way to “perfect Russia of the future.” Here is the problem: it is difficult to come up with something more attractive than pre-election lies EP.

Chew the facts to explain in very simple language, what they imply and exactly how it affects people’s lives.

Do not leave the deception without exposure. Poking his nose into it over and over again. Incidentally, the most simple — destroy the deception is often much easier than to create it.

To educate the people. That is very difficult and expensive. In the first place, because that needs to be addressed starting at school, not when the delusion is already firmly entrenched in the head.

“Touch” ideas of people, isolated in their own little world “work-home-friends-TV.” Flyer at the entrance, post in social network, video on youtube, the conversation in the Smoking room, the picket on the street — this should be a lot of that though as-that to compete on the intensity of the impact with TV. Well or have to wait for the “win a TV refrigerator”, but that’s the edge.

Considering how hard and long political denialism of various kinds was spread in our country and how difficult it is to deal with it, we can say that even after a complete change of the political system relapse more than once will make normal people wince.

But the most important is to learn to recognize and prevent the symptoms of denialism from himself. Here, fortunately, it’s simple, we just need to observe simple rules:

1.Once and for all tell yourself that making mistakes is not ashamed, ashamed to persist in his mistakes. Of course, there will always be assholes, as happy to poke you in the nose your past mistakes and calling a “traitor” for what you are trying to give up delusions. Spit on them, how close they would get.

2.If you have met the paradoxical statement that turns upside down your view of the world, do not be lazy to find where it is based and who it is shared.

3.If it brings one person (even with a degree and a Nobel prize) — do not rush to believe, based on the opinion of the largest and most influential communities, the best — research and international (learn English already!).

4.If justification is reduced to a conspiracy theory — ditch an idea once, in the modern world too fast all the secret becomes clear.

5.If despite all precautions you still made a mistake (sooner or later it will happen), see paragraph 1.

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