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Police pursuit with the offender, who flew into a ditch. Video

Погоня полиции за нарушителем, который влетел в кювет. ВидеоGot in an accident, the driver switched on the lap of his passenger.

Patrol police in Lviv has published a video of night of the chase for the offender, who eventually lost control and flew into a ditch under a house.

“During a patrol on the street Honey of the Cave the crew of the patrol police noticed the car brand Peugeot, whose driver broke traffic rules. The patrol included flashing beacons of red and addressed a demand through a loudspeaker to stop. However, the driver at the request of the inspectors did not react and increased the speed”, – militiamen told in Facebook.

Reportedly, during the prosecution of the offender and maneuvered repeatedly caused accidents, leaving on the sidewalks.

As a result, the driver lost control, drove over the curb and slid into a ditch under the residential multi-storey house.

It is noted that, when the patrol approached the car, the offender moved on his knees to the passenger.

“Despite the fact that the driver had obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication, the doctor who conducted the test, wrote the preliminary conclusion that the driver is sober. A 37-year-old man donated blood for analysis for the presence of alcohol in the blood. The patrol accounted for two of the Protocol: article 124 of the Cao the Commission of an accident, and article 122-2 of the Cao – failure to comply with the driver requirements of the stop and ruled for violation of traffic rules,” added the police.

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