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Police found the social media group encouraging children to suicide

Полиция нашла в соцсетях группы склоняющие детей к самоубийствуChildren work with qualified psychologists.

Ukrainian postal and telecommunications on the basis of the analysis of “groups of death” in social networks has installed permanent members who have registered from the territory of Ukraine.

The list is published on the website of the police.

It is reported that only one of discovered by the police “groups of death” were 209 registered users from Ukraine.

“It should be noted that such groups are blocked by daily administration of the social networks handling of law enforcement agencies or users. In case of detection of such groups yourself, please immediately notify the postal and telecommunications ( – around the clock) and on the hotline (044) 374-37-21 (from 8:45 to 19:30 on working days). In addition, to address the management of social networks, which were discovered by a group”, – stated in the message of the police.

As you know, the symbol of the “groups of death”, as a rule, are flying whales. They are called the “Sea of whales”, “Quiet house”. Their supporters also portray the flying whales on the personal pages. Administrators group, involving adolescents in quests and games with mutilation, them down to suicide, a prerequisite of which is to fix the moment of death on video.

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