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Police found the alien in the offender’s car

Полицейские обнаружили инопланетянина в машине нарушителяAbout Roswell legends from the middle of the twentieth century, when there was the so-called “Roswell incident”

It is assumed that in 1947, the year here was a crashed UFO.

Therefore, Roswell is still full of tourists and hunters aliens, one of whom the local police found in the passenger seat of the car of a traffic violator. The cops stopped a Ford Mustang for speeding, but did not fine the driver because of the humanoid.

Police praised the violator that tied the alien and was released with a verbal warning for violating the speed limit. In fact, the “alien doll” was in the passenger seat for a reason.

The fact that the laws of the state, cars can move in a dedicated lane for traffic if cars are present at least 2 persons.

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