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Police door to Narnia: sarcastic news from the Schur amused Network

Полицейские двери в Нарнию: саркастичные новости от Щура повеселил СетьIn the Internet appeared fresh news with Michael Schur.

In the latest issue of “#@)₴?$0 Michael Duroy”, – Volodymyr Groysman took the train from Omelyana and gave Kubiwa.

The police found the door to the mysterious Narnia.

Also in the issue:

Protests in the US and a new symbol of resistance to the policies of trump.

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The wonders of decentralization: how the Government “helps” to understand Lviv garbage.

The Capuchin monkey for Sumy city Council.

“There’s nothing we can do”: in the Poltava region of a living retiree can not recognize alive.

Surprise anyone alone near the school. It’s just a coincidence.

Why kropiwnicka afraid to open the door to workers of Zheka.

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An incredible coincidence.

Guest Studio:

The actor, who played a major role in the film “Guard Outpost” – Daniel Kamensky.

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