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Police called the most probable version of the murder Sheremet

В полиции назвали наиболее вероятную версию убийства ШереметаVersion of personal conflict and murder by mistake is not a priority.

The National police of Ukraine is the priority version of murder of the journalist Paval Sharamet called the professional activity in General, however, the investigation is considering 4 version.

On Wednesday said Deputy Chairman of the National police of Ukraine Alexander Vakulenko during a press conference in Kiev. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Primarily considered a priority version of the professional activities of mass media as a journalist on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders, he said.

According to Deputy Chairman of the NEC, the consequence does not exclude also the version of revenge for professional activity in Russia and Belarus, as well as critical remarks against Russian aggression in different countries of the former Soviet Union.

Vakulenko noted that except version professional activities of a consequence considered the version destabilize the situation in Ukraine, the version of “object error” and the situation of conflict in your personal life.

During the investigation, the last two versions worked out and are now a priority in the investigation — reported Vakulenko.

In General, investigators have questioned in this case 1,800 people and seized 200 video surveillance cameras. In addition, as noted in the police, they received from mobile operators permission to study 18 thousand numbers of users.

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