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Poland “will raspolovinil” “Nord stream-2” to spite the Germans and Russians

Польша «располовинит» «Северный поток-2» назло немцам и русским

Poland is planning to go to court if Germany will not take into account the interests of Warsaw in the implementation of the gas Directive of the European Union on the “Nord stream-2”. With such statement on air of the Polish television, according to BiznesAlert, the Director of the state oil and gas company PGNiG Piotr Wozniak.

Thus, according to him, is that approved by the Bundestag of the Directive the interests of Poland are taken into account. Wozniak stressed that Warsaw feels safe thanks to the 3rd paragraph 7th of the article.

However, he recalled that his country had already won the case of land which is a continuation of the “Nord stream-1” pipeline OPAL.

“There was a point that before you give any relief to the “Nord stream-2″, the regulator should take into account security of supply and the impact on the competitiveness of the market in neighboring countries,” — said the Director of PGNiG.

Recall, 13 November the German Parliament passed a bill on the implementation of the updated EU gas Directive regulating the activities of gas pipelines from third countries, located on the territory of the European Union. The document displays the “Nord stream-2” from the operation of the EU Gas Directive, but only partially.

— Poland loses its status as a transit country, is losing money, says associate Professor of the Department of regional studies and foreign policy of the Russian state humanitarian University, Vadim Trukhachev.

— And with it the ability to blackmail Russia and Germany the overlap of the valve.

Brakes current Polish government is not. A red flag for her can only be a sharp reduction in the disbursements of the European Union. Well, if the power in 2020 will come a more sane President, not wishing to spoil relations with at least Germany.

“SP”: — the Director of PGNiG stressed that the Polish side feels safe thanks to the 3rd paragraph 7th of the article. Is it really so?

— The Bundestag has adopted amendments to the gas Directive, actually deducing SP-2 from the scope of this article. It is hard to imagine that the EU sided with Poland against Germany. Here poles and throw tantrums.

“SP”: — But Poland has already won one court with respect to the pipeline OPAL

— The court of the EU can partially take into account the opinion of Poland. Moreover, the political balance is mixed. Germany belongs to only 20% in the EU budget, and about such is its weight in decision-making in the EU. This is more than any other country, but not for action alone. Even with France and Italy the Germans half have not.

— Poland will torpedo the “Nord stream-2” to the last, — said a leading expert of the national energy security Fund, lecturer of Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Igor Yushkov.

— Warsaw focuses on the USA, and not Germany. Poland is the main weapon in the struggle against the Russian gas on the European market. Washington is trying to block a bypass pipeline and block the transit through Ukraine. I didn’t stop the construction of “Nord stream-2”, now the US is trying to proxy to limit pumping as via SP-1 and SP-2. For that they, on behalf of Poland challenged the exclusion from-under norms of the Third energy package of the OPAL gas pipeline and distributes its limitations on the SP-2. Thus, you can lock the power for pumping is about 42 billion cubic meters of gas a year (about 15 billion on OPAL and 27.5 billion to SP-2).

For US this is a good result, it gives an additional market for suppliers of LNG to the us. In addition, the artificial decrease in flow will lead to higher gas prices that make us cost-effective LNG to the European market. Poland, participating in the opposition to Russian gas, demonstrates U.S. political loyalty becomes the main ally of Washington in Europe.

Apparently, the poles will continue to file lawsuits in the courts on several occasions: the court will continue to download OPAL, the court in the case of exclusion of SP-2 from-under norms of the Third energy package. Poland may challenge the issuance of a permit for the laying of “Nord stream-2” in the Danish waters, etc.

While Poland economically beneficial and SP-1 and SP-2, as they allow you to form excess gas in the German market. Poles now buy gas on the German spot market and supply this gas to the German companies that need to receive gas through the pipeline “Yamal-Europe”. Thus, the poles to save on pumping.

However, not the fact that Poland will hold the victory compared to the same OPAL. “Gazprom” continues to litigate in the European court, arguing that the OPAL should be removed from-under norms of the Third energy package, as there cannot be competition at the starting point of the pipeline, no other pipes, except from Russia. LNG terminals either, so it makes no sense to leave 50% of the capacity of the pipe for other providers — they just won’t come.

This reasoning is in other disputes on the seabed 12 miles off the coast of Germany, where the regulation of the Third energy package, by definition, cannot be competition. On the side of “Gazprom” and the decision of the WTO to recognize the illegality of the restriction of the use of OPAL.

“SP”: — In whose still favor was the decision of the Bundestag?

— It is a compromise and half-hearted. On the one hand, Germany gives additional opportunities to the exception of the “Nord stream-2” from the norms of the Third energy package, and the performance of the functions entrusted to the European Commission and the German regulator. On the other — Germany was unable to completely withdraw SP-2 under the Third energy package a single solution. Therefore, the struggle for the pipe boot will still continue.

— Poland is today a key American partner in Europe — reminds the analyst of Fund of development of civil society institutions “public Diplomacy” Evgeny Valyaev.

— Trump saw in Poland, the country that is ready to become a conductor of American interests on the continent against the background of misunderstandings that develop between Washington and Berlin and Paris. The ruling party “law and Justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski made a big bet on an Alliance with Donald trump. While the Union works, although Poland is quite expensive. But Warsaw, judging by her actions, ready for spending to improve their status within the European Union.

We must remember that Poland is trying to enlist the support not only of Washington but of the whole “Visegrad group”, which plays a key role.

“SP”: — And what they want to achieve all these courts in Germany?

Polish state oil and gas company PGNiG its pressure on Berlin pursues the American and Polish interests to supply liquefied natural gas to Europe is obvious.

In this case, it is important that the statements of Wozniak aimed not at countering the construction of the “Nord stream-2”, as it was until recently, and to limit its future performance. Just as it was in the case of OPAL, when the European court ruled Russia’s Gazprom to fill the pipe more than 50%.

It is likely that PGNiG will sue Germany for their bill on the implementation of the EU Gas Directive. Berlin wants to bring SP-2 from the scope of the doctrine — first, the Germans will try to make it exception with the approval of the European Commission. The time is there, because Denmark gave permission to lay pipe recently. Warsaw — a more complex channel than Denmark, which the Germans were able to convince, but Berlin is not going to lose its leadership in the EU and will push their own solutions.

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