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Poland has unveiled the controversial document on Ukraine

В Польше рассекретили скандальный документ по УкраинеThe document was called “Theses on Poland’s policy towards Russia and Ukraine.”

Several years ago Poland was going to shift to a Pro-Russian course, what was even signed a secret document. This was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski.

The photo shows that the document entitled “Theses on Poland’s policy towards Russia and Ukraine” dated 4 Martha 2008. The document was declassified in 2015, and the public became available only now.

It is noted that at the time the document was secret and it had access to only four faces of the Polish state, among whom were also Radoslaw Sikorski, at that time still the Minister.

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“Not to mention the huge economic interests of Poland in Russia, concerning not only energy, which plays an important role in the relations of Poland with Russia and Europe, as well as mutual cultural and intellectual interests, it is worth to note that a dialogue with Russia is of great political importance for Poland”, – stated in the text.

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В Польше рассекретили скандальный документ по Украине

The document also offered a “realistic and friendly-critical” approach to Ukraine. According to Waszczykowski, the signing of this document was the beginning of the departure from the focus on Ukraine in favor of Pro-Russian politicians.

“The authors had no illusions about success, but decided that the Pro-Russian (direction) is a kind of tool trick against the West. Thus wanted to improve the reputation in the West”– quoted by the Polish Agency Waszczykowski.

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