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Poland has assured Ukraine in support

Польша заверила Украину в поддержкеWitold Waszczykowski considered questions of history are important, but not decisive.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Witold Waszczykowski said Poland will continue to support Pro-European aspirations of Ukraine and is against the aggressive policy of Russia.

The head of Polish diplomacy said Thursday in a speech in the Polish Sejm on the subject of the main tasks of the foreign policy of Warsaw in 2017. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Poland believes that the basis for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine is a full implementation of the Minsk agreements,” – said Waszczykowski. He assured that the Polish authorities support the actions of Kiev in the area of decentralization and fighting corruption.

Waszczykowski added that last year was successful for mutually beneficial Polish-Ukrainian cooperation in the defense industry. “Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian brigade participated in the exercise Anaconda 2016. We have also started the training of Ukrainian soldiers on the ground in Sochi, with the U.S. and Canada,” he said.

The Ministry of defence of Poland and Ukraine signed a new agreement on defence cooperation and understanding regulating the issues of cooperation of industrial complexes, reminded Waszczykowski. According to him, all this suggests that the Polish-Ukrainian strategic partnership is increasingly filled with content and will help to strengthen the stability of Ukraine to destabilize.

“Helmet Ukraine a clear signal that something had to face now this country is not only our concern, but also the specific reaction. We are talking about more than 1.2 million Ukrainians issued visas in the past year, our consulates in Ukraine, in particular 650 thousand work visas,” – said Waszczykowski.

“Poland is convinced that the basis of the political structure in Eastern Europe, as well as throughout Europe, can only be independent of the choice of their own path of development of each of the companies”, – he stressed.

“Supporting Ukraine in implementing reforms and its Pro-European policy, we cannot lose sight of historical issues; a truly strategic partnership should contribute to the truth. However, Poland doesn’t want our bilateral relations have become hostage of the past”, – said the Minister.

“Thinking about public dialogue, we decided to resume the activities of effective bilateral cooperation, which is the Polish-Ukrainian partnership forum,” – said Waszczykowski.

He noted that now work is proceeding on the creation of the Polish-Ukrainian neighbourhood centre, which would contribute to rapprochement between the Polish and Ukrainian peoples through the development of good-neighbourly relations, cooperation and cultural exchange.

In addition, Waszczykowski stressed that the current Polish policy towards Russia is a consequence of its aggressive actions in Ukraine, however, it is important to find the possibility of dialogue with this country.

The head of Polish diplomacy also said that he expects Moscow to return the wreckage of the presidential plane Tu-154M to its rightful owner, the Polish state. The politician added that he will not stop efforts to do the will of the poles, who are waiting for this for almost seven years. The diplomat stressed that now considering the appeal of the Russian investigation into the Smolensk disaster at the International criminal court in the Hague.

The Polish foreign Minister also noted that last year changed the Polish policy towards Belarus. Challenge for 2017, he called the normalization of relations through concrete decisions in the field of economic, cross-border cooperation and trade as well as the normalization of relations with the Polish community in Belarus. The Minister Waszczykowski has announced the beginning of work of the Polish-Belarusian historical Commission.

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