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Pokemon fans Go for a pleasant surprise

Фанатов Pokemon Go ждет приятный сюрпризPokemon Go developers decided to double the “zoo” app.

Company Niantic Labs is preparing a big update for Pokemon Go.

As reported AP, the game will have new pokemon, as well as additional mechanics for the players.

Now the game has a zoo of 150 creatures. The update will add 100 ordinary and legendary pokémon. Also, the developers will include the long awaited battle between the players and the cultivation of Pets, as in other Japanese games hit Tamagotchi.

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Pokemon Go was a breakthrough, game hit mobile platforms. The game has been installed over 500 million times and earned the developer $600 million in income and 45 million daily active users in the first three months after launch. Her massively established even in those countries where it is not officially been launched, using various workarounds like IP spoofing. On its basis parasitized and third-party services e.g. maps, where real-time display the pokemon and the time before their disappearance.

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Over time, the interest in the game waned and Pokemon Go lost 79% of the audience. Mostly, this was due to the monotony of the game mechanics, a limited amount of content, lack of mechanic retention of users and their interactions. However, with all the losses in August 2016, the project received revenue in the amount of 28% of the total mobile games market.

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