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Poisoning the Deputy head of the faction PPO: published all the details

Отравление замглавы фракции БПП: опубликованы все деталиNamed all of the versions attempt on ally of President Poroshenko.

Journalists collected all the information regarding mercury poisoning, the Deputy head of the faction PPO Igor Kononenko.

In January it became aware of two facts of the attempt on the life of the famous and influential politicians in Ukraine. Recently, the SBU reported on the prevention of the murder of people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. The MP in this incident saw the “Russian trace”.

27 Jan journalist Sonya Koshkina reported attempt on the life of a close friend of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the Deputy head of its faction in the Verkhovna Rada Igor Kononenko. He wanted to poison with mercury. Special services like a mouthful of water gained.

Jornalista analyzed the incident.

Who knew about the poisoning?

In the faction “BPP” message on the administration Igor Kononenko took many by surprise. When the “KP in Ukraine” has addressed for the comment to the Vice President want with the Pro-presidential faction Oleksiy Goncharenko, he was skeptical, just saying that not so long ago seen Kononenko and he looked perfectly healthy. About the incident knew no more than ten parliamentarians. The fact of departure was kept a closely guarded secret.

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– Igor V. has not announced this fact to avoid political and media innuendo. It was not on this and not even last week. To work in Parliament and the party is in no way affected, wrote in a private chat room of the BPP, screens which owns “the Country,” MP Iryna Friz.

Where and how could poison the Deputy?

Taking into account deficit of reliable information, associates Igor Konenko speculate. One of them: army friend and business partner of the President can send in the 20-th of December, when he flew to Vienna for a meeting with former Deputy Minister of ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky. Alternatively, the restaurant Plachutta, where dined policies, Kononenko could file a fish with a high mercury level. Seafood has long been considered a dietary source of mercury. Many in the tuna.

At the same time the chief-the editor “Left coast” Sonya Koshkina, citing its sources reported that the poisoning did not occur simultaneously.

“According to the verdict of the doctors, her blood exceeded 50 times. It is clear that the accident is not written off. According to sources, the poisoning did not happen simultaneously – the mercury accumulated in the body for some time,” wrote cat’s.

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Who benefits from this poisoning?

The media are spreading a different version, who benefits “pump” Kononenko mercury. According to one version, Kononenko was a ritual sacrifice. Through longtime friend of the President “hi” wanted to convey the most Petro Poroshenko. In the second version, surrounded by Kononenko poisoning associated with its role in processes in the oil and gas sector, particularly around the company Ukrgasdobycha.

Is there a criminal case on the fact of what happened?

In GPU there were no statements on the fact of poisoning of the people’s Deputy. Accordingly, the incident is not included in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations.

What punishment the mercury poisoning?

If criminal proceedings will open and find the culprit of the poisoning, the man is threatened by punishment in accordance with article 112 of the Criminal code “Encroachment on life of the statesman” – imprisonment for the term from ten till fifteen years or lifelong imprisonment.

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