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Point phenomenal rain in Austria took video

Феноменальный точечный дождь в Австрии сняли на видео Rain has a clear localization and a strong stream of water.

Austria was made a unique video, which lucky operator captures an unusual natural phenomenon – from the sky (of course from a thundercloud) had a frightening and at the same time fascinating “the fantastic wave of the tsunami”.

This name was given her by the author of the video, who admitted that I’ve never seen anywhere else, and therefore was literally shocked by the appearance of this element.

The spectacle really is apocalyptic, since it seems that the heavens suddenly opened up and this ultrasaurus “hole” from nowhere gushing huge streams of water. Just like in the Bible, where approximately also describes a global flood (“and opened up the abyss of heaven”).

By the way, the author clarifies that in a position to observe this phenomenon was even more creepy because it seemed that the world is falling apart, comes the Apocalypse, which we’ve been promised all kinds of prophets (see the link why prophecies about the end of the world did not come true).

Promise afraid, but I can’t say exactly when the abyss of heaven is rent asunder, indeed. And here – here it is, it seems to have started…

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