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Pluto was under threat of destruction

Плутон оказался под угрозой уничтоженияBy 2030 dwarf planet may just crack into pieces

Pluto is one of the most mysterious elements of the solar system. Scientists are faced with difficulties regarding its classification. He has the status of a planet-dwarf.

Now on Pluto, as on Earth, spring. But here it lasts from 1990. The duration of one year at the midget is 248 earth years.

You know that Pluto is the only planet that has a pronounced elliptical orbit. Because of this distance from the Sun varies, which significantly affects the seasons. Spring is relatively mild, and in winter, the atmosphere freezes to such an extent that it literally falls to the planet’s surface and leaves a complete vacuum. After such a significant imbalance of the surface may not be ready for the unexpected coming of a harsh winter.

The mass of the planet is (1,303 ± 0,003)х1022 kilograms, and the volume reaches 7,0х109 cubic kilometers. The experts took into account these indicators and came to the conclusion that the orbital period 90465 days will be for the dwarf incredible challenge.

Day 153,2820 hours also adversely affects the processes of the planet. The harsh climate will not only disrupt the process, but also significantly change the atmosphere.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the planet’s atmosphere may freeze and collapse by 2030. If this really happens, the fragments of Pluto can fly towards the Earth, which is a serious threat.

This suggests that even at a constant temperature of the surface of the planet-223 is the degree Celsius contributes to the split of the planet and its destruction. While scientists decide whether to return to dwarf planet status, she just might crack.

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