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Pluto can get the status of the ninth planet

Плутон может получить статус девятой планетыRenowned planetary scientist questioned the definition of the word “planet”.

Until 2006, our Solar system had nine planets. But the international astronomical Union that year decided to deprive Pluto from planet status. So, according to scientists, this planetoid is related to TRANS-Neptunian objects near the Oort cloud.

Astronomers have found a new definition of a planet: a celestial body must have enough gravitational force to clean its orbit from smaller objects.

But a new study published in the journal Icarus, a planetary scientist Philip Metzger reported that the standard classification of planets is not supported by the research literature.

Metzger reviewed the scientific literature over the past 200 years and only found one post from 1802 – which uses the argument of the purification of the orbit to classify the planets based on already refuted arguments. He says that satellites such as Titan and Europa, were considered planets since Galileo.

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