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Plus-size model Dilyara Larina Vodonaevoy: “I Forgot how fuck under the cameras?”

Recently a graduate of the reality TV “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva published on the website the author of the column entitled “After six you just suck!”. In the text the girl talks about how should look like all women, without exception, and why no one can get fat. “Move slowly, eat cleanly, don’t fart, take care of the body and the space in which you are, wear beautiful lingerie, delicious smell, speak softly. And it is better to say nothing to him, just love him and suck. From this, at least, will not recover,“ said scandalous. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“I even can’t swim if in the water or in the pool is very large. I’ll wait when it comes out. And let me fatgamer, but I believe that should be ashamed in this age of information, with our capabilities, knowledge and choice to be human with the extra weight,“ added Alena.

Of course, the words of the former contestants of the reality has caused much controversy, and some Vodonaevoy repaid in the same coin. For example, the model plus-size Dilyara Larina wrote a post in his Instagram, calling the instigator of heated discussions “rotten and crooked.”

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The girl came to the defense of full of people and recalled Alain who she really is: “”And it is better to say nothing to him, just love him and suck it.” Quote. And I want to say: I’d rather be complete than be angry with hell. Probably forgot how to fuck for cameras like an animal in a reality show that is the case, when — from rags to riches…” — spoke out sharply dilara (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Recall that Alena Vodonaeva, coming from Tjumen in 2004, began her career with the show “Dom-2”. On the project she had a long affair with the plan and Menshikova. Vodonaeva has established itself as one of the most controversial heroines of the project and left the “perimeter” in 2007.

In 2009, Alain was married to businessman Alexei Malakaeva. After a year the couple had a son, Bogdan, and a year later, Alex left the family. Since Alena is changing men like gloves. According to rumors, the now 34-year-old single mother Dating a 20-year-old driver Artem Markelov.

сын Богдан

Алена с бывшим мужем Алексеем и сыном Богданом

As for the model dilara Larina, about her personal life, much less is known. Model, 29 years in education, she is a teacher, but found myself in the modeling field.

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