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Plump Cameron Diaz with her husband laughing in front of paparazzi


Time has no mercy “Charlie’s Angels”. Recently the whole world was discussing beach pictures 41-year-old drew Barrymore, in recent years, having lost his old form. Now in the leaked photos that captured fat, but not losing the enthusiasm Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz).


The paparazzi photographed a Diaz in the Parking lot along with her husband, 37-year-old frontman of the band Good Charlotte, Benji Medina. A few were caught off guard when they went to the car after shopping at the grocery store. Despite the charming smile, the fans drew attention to wide hips of the actress.

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Recall that in recent years, from time to time there are rumors that Diaz might be pregnant. At different times in the Network and then got photos of the star supposedly was in position, but every time a similar leak myself Diaz called fakes.


And now fans of the actress suggested that the fullness of Diaz is that she’s trying to get pregnant by using hormone therapy. According to sources, the 44-year-old Diaz and Madden are longing for a child, but until something develops. Anyway, the actress has long refused all offers and prefers to spend all his time with a loved one.

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Бенджи Мэдден и Камерон Диаз поженились в 2015 году

Камерон планирует забеременеть в ближайшее время/East News

Камерон Диаз решила сделать перерыв в карьере и целиком посвятить себя семье/

Камерон Диаз/

Камерон Диаз/

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