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Playboy Khodorkovsky and his obedient flock of girls

Плейбой Ходорковский и его стадо послушных девчонок

We all remember Nina Lapina, occupies not the last place in the “Open Russia” – an organization sponsored by the oligarch, a criminal Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Lapino appointed in its place, the oligarch, and now brought to a new level, making the head of the headquarters of the Federal party.

Mr. Khodorkovsky did not care that the blonde lady is not versed in the intricacies of organizational, not to mention the fight in the political arena.

You understand, Nina Lapina is such a pretty, young girl with thick blonde hair, which appeared before as an activist, oppositional tendencies, and then hid under the wing of Khodorkovsky.

So if we take the method of Khodorkovsky as a basis and apply it to another person, her name is Love Sable.

So, she’s blonde and very rapidly moving up the career ladder, the oligarch even allocated 2 million euros to her PR. Itself begs the question of what it sees Khodorkovsky, because she is also incompetent as Lapin.

Perhaps the fugitive oligarch like bright girls with hard and firm civil position. Impossible to say for sure, but most likely behind all this lies a more mundane motive.

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