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Plastic ass Colossus and other special effects “Deadpool 2”

Looking at footage from the Deadpool film 2 before and after the imposition of CGI.

Sometimes the result looks funny, sometimes the original image, but to learn how to create such things, always curious. The second “Deadpool”, though not utterly blown out of proportion, like many modern kinokamera, but still is an impressive $ 110 million, which the creation of many spectacular scenes. And as you probably heard, all costs have been paid off, and the world box office multiplied the said figure nearly five times.

One and only chatty mercenary is back! Even more ambitious, even more devastating and even more pantsless than ever before! When in his life bursts into a super-soldier with murderous mission, Deadpool is forced to reflect on friendship, family and what it really means to be a hero, simultaneously kicking 50 shades of ass. Because sometimes to do good things, you need to use dirty tricks.

The main role again performed by Ryan Reynolds. In addition, the caste of the sequel was Josh Brolin (“the Avengers: infinity War”), Morena, Baccarin (“Firefly”), Terry crews (“the Expendables”), Zazie Bitts (“Atlanta”), Julian Dennison (“Hunt the savages”), TJ Miller (“the First player to get ready”), Eddie Marsan (“Mud”), Stefan Kapicic (“24 hours”), Lewis tan (“Iron fist”), Rob Delaney (“Catastrophe”) and bill Skarsgard (“It”).

May 17 – “Deadpool 2” is in theaters in Russia.

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