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Planet from “Star wars” exist – scientists

Планеты из "Звездных войн" существуют, - ученыеScientists have said that outer space is so little studied that it is impossible to exclude any overlap with the Saga.

American scientists from the space Agency NASA said that the planet, which was presented to the audience of the Saga “Star wars” have their real counterparts. Scientists think that showed in the movie space objects are not a figment of the imagination of the writers, and may be the prototype of these planets.

So, the planet Tatooine, in the film light of the two suns, has a real counterpart in the form of the cosmic body, called Kepler-16b. According to some astronomers, this planet is also illuminated by two bright stars and is in the constellation of Cygnus.

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Planet xhaka that the scenario is a desert species, it corresponds to Mars, the relief is surprisingly similar to this cosmic body. The heroes of “Star wars” has also been on the planet Hoth, which is entirely covered with glaciers. Scientists say that in space there is a real prototype of this object, under the name OGLE 2005-BLG-390L.

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Unlike fictional characters, people in the near future will not be able to visit these planets, because the progress of science has not reached such heights. However, experts believe that mankind will sooner or later make contact with intelligent beings who inhabit other planets.Go to the Main page

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