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Planet Earth is a dangerous period

Планета Земля входит в опасный периодHow dangerous is this period and how to avoid trouble

The first full moon is behind us, it was observed on 31 January and was unique because it occurred in the supermoon that is the moment when the Moon was in perigee is at a minimum distance from the Ground. The next partial solar Eclipse will be happen on 15 February.

This Eclipse coincides with the onset of the New year (Yellow dog) on the Chinese calendar, there will be the second new moon after the winter solstice.

A two-week period between the eclipses, and is called the corridor of eclipses. It is now that moment has arrived.

It will be a difficult and emotional stressful period. And the most important advice of astrologers: do not accept at this time any fateful decisions. Do not rush to tear the old ties: to change jobs or get a divorce. Destroy everything now especially easy, but most likely then you’ll regret it, and fix something it will be virtually impossible. The corridor of eclipses gives a chance for change, which people have long dreamed of.

After 15 February, with the new moon coming, all the plans start to come to life with renewed vigor.

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