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Places of amazing beauty, where you can get married. Photo

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. ФотоWe offer you a picturesque place to get married.

Visiting weddings have become so commonplace that couples have to come up with something pooriginalnee beach wedding to the most important day was truly unforgettable.

We offer you nine picturesque places to get married. Such a wedding will definitely be remembered.

1. Salt mine Wieliczka, Poland

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

From the ceremony to reception can be held in dungeons, the salt mine “Wieliczka”. The mine is located on the outskirts of Krakow and can accommodate weddings of almost any scale. Ceremonies are held in monumental chapel of St. Kinga or in the more intimate chapel of St. John. Guests can stay in the Grand Sal Hotel or in the rooms at 122 metres underground to visit a Spa and try reducing the salt treatments, or simply dance the night away in one of the places included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

2. Bran Castle, Romania

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

Many brides dream to get married in a fabulous location. Romanian bran castle definitely fits those requests for its beautiful ancient architecture, majestic fortress walls and the beautiful scenery around. Bran castle was built in the XIV century and was the favourite residence of the Romanian Queen Maria. Horror fans recognize him as the dwelling of another representative of the nobility — count Dracula. It is believed that the author of the novel “Dracula” Bram Stoker as the prototype of the house of count in Transylvania is bran castle. However, at the site of a castle said: “I Hope our guests are able to separate the historical facts related to the brane, from the count — the hero of the novel by Bram Stoker”. However, when couples marry in this beautiful place, the words “till death do us part” have much more weight.

3. Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

Tiny farms-the enclave, which was thus the Shear in the trilogy of Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the rings”, is a perfect place to wear your beloved ring on a ring finger. Couples can get married in the green gardens of Hobbiton, where well-groomed hobbitty holes convey the atmosphere of the fabulous middle-earth. You can arrange a Banquet with canapés and champagne in your garden, or to hold a solemn reception in the copy of the tavern “the Green dragon”, which serves a menu suitable for hobbits dishes: stuffed rosemary new Zealand lamb, leg of cloves in the glaze, and desserts that will make blissful smile even Orc. Mostly couples who choose Hobbiton as a wedding venue, — devoted fans of “Lord of the rings”. But the place is truly fabulous, so no one will complain if the bride or groom have never read this piece or watched the film version, but just want to get married amid spectacular new Zealand scenery.

4. Roller coaster “Cyclone” at Coney island, new York, USA

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

Beach weddings are a popular choice, but the future husband and wife can always add an element of adventure to your most important day, a ride on a roller coaster “Cyclone” at Coney island in new York. Wedding on a wooden coaster is usually on the landing platform. Ride a roller coaster only costs nine dollars, so this is a great option for those who want to save money. “Cyclone” is already 88 years old, a true symbol of longevity that can be very useful for a new family. After the lovers say their vows, you can make photo on the memory and go to the boarding platform, where guests can feast on delicious hot dogs and cupcakes, and then explore other attractions of this historic Park, or just stroll along the shore.

5. Tree house in Loch goil, Scotland

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

Even if you are sufficiently indifferent to the trees and to nature, to get married in the tree house is a very romantic option. The resort The Lodge on the shore of beautiful Loch goil in Scotland, a tree house, spacious enough to accommodate a close circle of 24 guests. The place is an hour’s drive from Glasgow. The house been here since 1864. On the website of the resort there is a special tool for planning weddings.
In the US there are similar place — Treehouse Point in fall city, Washington, just a half hour drive from Seattle. A group of tree houses in the evergreen forest can accommodate up to 16 people overnight and celebrations on the street can accommodate 80 guests.

6. 10 kilometers above the earth

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

The wedding was truly cosmic, you can go to the border with the open space and to be married in zero gravity. The bride and groom and their guests — a total of 36 persons — are specially modified “Boeing 727” and rise to a height of about 10 km, where the pilot performs several techniques of aerial acrobatics called “parabola”. Here it should be noted that all on Board passengers must have a well-trained vestibular apparatus, otherwise the holiday treats are in the air again. The plane tumbles a few times, and passengers float in the air for a few seconds, reaching the state of weightlessness. This is enough to exchange vows and make some incredible wedding shots. The tour lasts about five hours, allowing time for the gala dinner on the Ground enough. Perhaps even enough time to see the movie “gravity”.

7. U chapel, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

If your idea of romance includes helmet dive, go to the South Pacific to get married in the underwater chapel. Couples can dress up in white suits. At the bottom of the blue lagoon will meet them underwater Polynesian priest who will conduct the wedding ceremony. At a depth of about 4 meters under the water the bride and groom may recite vows, exchange rings, sign the marriage certificate and capture it all through the underwater operator. You can even invite up to four friends to witness this magical moment. In the US you can get married underwater at the aquarium, Long Island Aquarium surrounded by the real sharks.

8. Underground cave in Cornwall, England

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

Deep beneath the peaceful countryside of Cornwall is an underground lake, whose shores by candlelight you can spend the most memorable and romantic wedding ceremony in the world. To enjoy this wonderful place, you do not need speleological equipment. Couples can get here by rowing boats. Due to the British Navy-no need to return to the surface for reception. Just go to the next cave, where the sailors kept their rum since the Second world war.

9. The ice hotel in Quebec, Canada

Места удивительной красоты, где можно пожениться. Фото

For those who love the cartoon “the Cold heart”, there is no better place for a wedding than Htel de Glace in Quebec. The only thing warm in the icy chapel, is the love of the bride and groom, and champagne. Spend the night in front of the fireplace in one of the ice rooms and help each other to keep warm.
By the way, the same Church the hotel in Sweden — Ice Hotel. Do not forget to pay the local fee for a marriage certificate at the tax office.
If you think that there is not enough cold, you can go to the Alaska glacier. To do this, the bride and groom need to sit in a helicopter or amphibious aircraft and get to the glacier near Juneau. Correctly chosen wedding dress will perfectly conceal the layers of underwear on the body.

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