Saturday , May 30 2020
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Place the KGB will take the exterminators

Место КГБ займет санэпидемстанция

The pandemic will end.

But there’s a good chance that the airports will continue to measure the temperature of the passengers and send them to the quarantine. Similarly, as a result of the terrorist attacks of recent times have introduced new rules for screening at airports — and never cancel.

Biopolitics in the end can reach new heights of control over us and our bodies.

Forced medical examination — once a year, twice, three times, once a month. Forced delivery of biomaterials for analysis. Forced prevention. Forced sport. The dictatorship of a healthy lifestyle.

Two people in the city got sick with an infectious disease? Curfew for a month. Two. Year.

Preventive monitoring of movements — in order to track the development of possible pandemics.

The cult of security can grow different sprouts. In place of the KGB can get the exterminators. With the widest powers. Under the applause of the liberal community.

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