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Pinched raged: a review of the movie “Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth” (1992)

In search of sensational material with which her career went uphill, TV journalist Joey Summerskill learns the story about the mysterious attack in a local night club – and then she becomes an unwitting witness to how half-dead guy burst out of nowhere appeared the circuit. Grasp it, Joey discovers the box, which opens a portal to hell. Meanwhile, the demon Pinched trapped in a hideous statue, preparing for the rebirth in the heart of the city.

The third part of the series underwent drastic changes not only in flow but also in terms of creating. Franchise moved from England to America, although it was directed by Briton Anthony Hickox (and one of the candidates for the post of Director was listed as Peter Jackson himself). Yes, and the film departed significantly from the original roots of the Thriller and turned into dark fantasy like destiny was and the series “a Nightmare on elm street,” which “Hellraiser” always want to compare.

The main villain here finally is Pinched previously engaged in history only by the wayside. From the old set Cenobites he was left alone, but towards the end he gains his team the new demons, one of which is made more creative than the other. Yes, and the “gwandaguluwe” suits this benefit, each time appearing in a frame with heavy pathos. So fans of Doug Bradley will not have to complain – their pet is not just a lot, a lot, and in human form too. Opposing him Joey performed by Terry Farrell let wit is no different, but also looks quite a good protagonist, which even can survive.

The script of the film albeit full of blatant irrationality (especially in the last 30 minutes when the main character suddenly starts to Shine impenetrable stupidity), but surprisingly exciting. Yes, it’s not creepy horror Barker, but it’s entertaining trash Hickox and cleverly extends the universe and occasionally winking to the previous series – in one scene, for example, we can see again Kirsty from the first two films. In this case, the action to take in the ingenuity, and it is possible to understand only one epic scene, where Pinhead a variety of ways for a few minutes deals with all visitors of the night club. And overall, memorable scenes, and even lines of the characters, the film is full, making it a real boon for the fan service.

Very cool trikvel fulfilled and in visual terms – all transitions between “worlds” marked the individual colors, and the episode with the exploding streets of the city and generally wonderful. The action is accompanied by a great atmospheric soundtrack Randy Miller, who is in some ways even beats the main theme Christopher Ian from the previous parts.

What gives “Hellraiser 3” series in General? Now we know more about Pinchada, meet new Cenobite and note that evil can descend to earth not only from the intricate box, but also from other unusual things. The atmosphere has changed, but boring was not. On the contrary, more blood and more action to the franchise what the doctor ordered.

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