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Piker on the eve of winter

November is quite normal in terms of fishing month. On a float in deep lakes and oxbows still active biting roach and bream, and large rivers and sometimes bream on the feeder polivaet. But I want to tell about the experience not the usual fishing for themselves called feeder jig. This technique of feeding bait can turn any day on the eve of winter into a bright event.

The popularity of feeder among our fishermen is large, but in most cases the object of using this gear become large and medium-sized rivers and their tributaries and water bodies without current somehow avoided. But if here and go fishing with a bottom fishing gear, tackle, and especially not undone. Because the result almost always turns out mediocre. I propose to fish here with a light feeder. And not just to sit on the beach, contemplating the still quivertip, and actively Pochobut. This technique, feed bait, I learned a few years ago, and now use it almost every autumn fishing.

All of November I spent in the deep channel. Despite the abnormally low water level, there remain populations of bream weighing from 100 to 500 g While it was relatively warm and the fish was standing near the shore, I’d caught it on flight seven. But in the last week of autumn, everything changed. With the first snow, the fish rolled on the line, and get it by centrifugal rod became impossible. Here I remembered the picker. To the deepest part of the channel from the shore 25 meters, and the most successful option to deliver at such a distance feeders weighing 10 g, it seemed to me a 3-metre rod. And in case if the fish suddenly goes to the shore to feed, the second rod I set up at a distance of 15 meters.

The picker prefer to use monofilament line. The distance catching it rarely exceeds 30 meters. So special need in inextensible braided cord does not occur. And pick up in our time of monofilament fishing line with the desired characteristics is not too difficult. For fishing in the pre-winter on the spool coils I wrapped the line with a thickness of 0,16 mm. a thickness of the main fishing line I have chosen. This is the best way to deal with windage, which certainly occurs in shallow waters even with little wind. When using feeders small weights, it may cause lower accuracy of hit in the aft spot that late autumn is totally unacceptable. And the top with a thin fishing line, you can put the most sensitive.

The rod

Short, poluprorocheski system rod is the perfect choice for delicate fishing. This “kid” allows you to use the snap-ins are the most thin fishing line and hooks small. As it turned out, if fishing conditions are such that a fish only responds to a moving bait, the best option for a very mild pulling bait along the bottom. With a long rod, as well as just rotating the handle, you will not be able to delicately present lure fish. Without losing contact with the bait with a short rod you can pull a snap-literally 1 cm.


On both rods I use a so-called snap-in-line. Sinker or feeder is free to slide on the clip on the main fishing line and attached a long leash to it through a cut solid videogame. Leashes on the fishing I have combination consisting of 80 cm cut fluorocarbon fishing line with a diameter of 0.15 mm and a short segment (10 cm) soft pedestrian fishing line with a diameter of 0.1 mm.

Why so complicate things a snap? To the bait on the hook looked as natural as possible. Quite thick and hard flyuorokarbonovaya leska sinking in the water slowly, and after landing the feeder the bait is still some time free floating in the water. This presentation is very like fish. And insert of a soft and delicate leavers fishing line allows the fish to not be afraid of the hook with the bait. The hooks are small and sharp. Some bloodworm or a sandwich of maggots and bloodworms look at them quite naturally.

Complementary feeding

Need a little bait. But the properties of it should be left to chance. Special attention should be paid to flavor and color prepared bait. If you are going to prepare the bait for cold water, it should be remembered that the main fish attracting elements in it must be the bloodworms, maggots and casters, so the best option will be dark, without the bright smell of the bait.

For many years now for fishing in cold water I use inexpensive but very effective with a mixture of 0.5 kg of a standard dry mixture, one Cup of chopped rye bread, one Cup of ground roasted hemp and two pounds of dark earth. All the ingredients make their way through a fine sieve. Dry bait, crackers and hemp are mixed and soaked with water until thick sour cream. In a separate bucket of soaked earth. After botanicals soaked with water (this usually takes at least 40 minutes), I mix them with moist earth and leave for another 10 minutes. To save time, all these manipulations are usually at home. The final product needs to stay a little dry and washed out of the trough for 2-3 minutes. Maggots, casters and bloodworm I added a portion in the feeder or roll into balls. For near point cook and clean maggots, which had intended to deliver fish with the help of special feeders. In the fall, when the fish collected in dense flocks, complementary feeding clean maggots can cause competition for food, even sedentary fish. In the late autumn starting sakorn not apply. And with the first full feed trough hung on the hook bait.

Find a rhythm

So it is possible to describe the strategy of catching fish, and not only in late autumn. But at this time the right rhythm supply of bait and lures is probably the decisive role in the success of fishing. This time fishing in near and far points start with feeding the basic bait. 40 minutes later near the point fed several servings of clean maggots. Basically, I was mentally set up for what the fish will begin to bite not once, but 2.5 hours of complete lack of bites did make me think a lot about the correctness of their actions: bait, lure, or its presentation was wrong? Or maybe just with the rise of the water the fish moved from the usual place.

These thoughts swarmed in my head, but none of them could be absolutely correct. But a few days ago it was different. Finish fishing without a single bite is not wanted, and I decided to completely change the tactics of fishing. Long lay the rod aside, and with the short picker begin inch by inch to reach the bait at the bottom of the channel. After each action I give a pause of 20-30 C. At the fourth cycle at the moment when I once again stopped the feeder, there is a bite. The picker tip is gently moved and stopped. After waiting another 20 seconds, begin to exhaust the rope and… Oh, miracle! At the opposite end of the line someone desperately resists. And now the first skimmer bream pleasantly cools the palm.

Then the bites came a pause. She managed to interrupt, suggesting that fish is Packed full of maggot feeder. After the “second attack” the fish began to bite, and within 10 minutes a few of the skimmers moved out of the channel in the tank. And again a pause. But now I know what to do: a few plant feeders with groundbait and maggots. And then instead of the trough is hung on a fishing line sinker. Jigowatt so much easier.

Unlike feeders, sinker less clinging to the bottom, and not so noisy when casting. Cast, pause 30 seconds, a small broach bait on the bottom, again a pause. And so, while the snap-in does not come out of the lured zone. And this is a meter and a half. Then you can easily exhaust line. To as accurately as possible to reach the bait on the bottom, I put on a tripod, the longest of my existing stands. In order to pull off the bait from the place, now I have enough to move slightly on the stand the rod tip. Short rod ensures perfect contact with the lure at any stage of the transaction.

So, the status quo is restored and I continue to enjoy fishing. Despite the fact that the fish on the hook resists actively, almost all of the bite is so gentle that you should tighten the line to quivertip bent more than 2 cm, as contact with the fish is lost. At the end of the fishing … I just pinched the line between my fingers and so determined the time of cutting.

Catching finished with dozens of skimmers, a few platinumi and one plump Dace. Compared to other anglers my catch seemed to be fantastic, because the neighbors in the shore for the day and couldn’t see not a single bite.

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