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Physicists have created the most powerful controlled magnetic field

Физики создали самое сильное контролируемое магнитное полеScientists have created magnetic field, which brings people to use the fusion energy.

Physics from the University of Tokyo say they have created the most powerful controlled magnetic field with fully controllable parameters.

This discovery will be one step closer to using fusion energy.

“One of the ways of obtaining fusion energy is to confine the plasma – a sea of charged particles – in a large ring, called a tokamak, to extract energy from it,” said the study’s lead author Sojiro Takeyama.

The magnetic field that is required for the tokamak, “painfully similar to that which can produce our device,” – said Takeyama.

To generate a magnetic field, the researchers created a complex device capable of compression electromagnetic flux. This method of generating the magnetic field is well suited for internal operations.

Using the device, they were able to create a magnetic field in 1200 Tesla – about 120,000 times more than a magnet that sticks to the fridge. Although it is not the most powerful box ever created, physicists have managed to survive for 100 microseconds, thousands of times longer than previous attempts.

They were also able to control the magnetic field, so it did not destroy their equipment, as in some previous experiments.

As noted Takeyama, this means that the “characteristics and duration as close as possible to the minimum magnetic field characteristics necessary for conducting stable nuclear fusion reactions of. All this makes us one step closer to the moment when we will enjoy unlimited energy source”.

We add that the use of thermonuclear reaction as a virtually inexhaustible source of energy is connected first of all with the prospect of development of the technology of controlled thermonuclear fusion. Currently, the scientific and technological base allows to use such synthesis on a commercial scale. However, uncontrolled thermonuclear reaction found its application in military Affairs. The first thermonuclear bomb was tested in November of 1952 in the USA.

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