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Physicians suggest someone should give up garlic

Медики подсказали, кому стоит отказаться от чеснокаGarlic is one of the most useful plants.

Because of its numerous healing properties, it is recommended to consume as folk and official medicine.

However, there are diseases and the human condition in which the garlic is strictly contraindicated.

Garlic is strictly contraindicated in people:

1. Problem with liver
Because garlic contains many toxic elements, its consumption is contraindicated for people with liver problems. In addition to acute ailments and further violations of chemical processes in the liver there’s nothing more you will receive. The same applies to diseased kidneys.

2. Diarrhea
The human gut is a very sensitive organ. If you have diarrhea, you should not experience once again the body for strength. The intestinal wall in this case, being already sore, you are not happy.

3. Which to surgery
Planned to go in to the surgery – forget the garlic two weeks before the intervention. Chemical elements thin the blood, and when you are under the surgeon’s scalpel – the extra bleeding you are extremely undesirable.

4. Women with pregnancy and breastfeeding
Medical science still does not know enough about the effects of garlic on the fetus of the mother or newborn baby feeding from the breast. Better safe than sorry.

5. Low blood pressure
Because garlic can lower blood pressure, its consumption will only worsen your already bad condition.

6. With eye diseases
A chemical constituent of garlic can irritate the eyes. Since your mirrors of the soul and the already hypersensitive – garlic not please them.

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