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Physicians share important information about sexually transmitted diseases

Медики поделились важной информацией о венерических заболеванияхAs it turned out, the vast majority of people do not know about sexually transmitted infections, nothing.

Doctors are sounding the alarm, because modern society misses the most important information about sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, some people with symptoms do not even try to run on reception to the doctor to find out the reason or other unnatural manifestations.

Why infected adolescents?

First, children do not explain how serious the need to treat sexual relationships with the opposite sex. Also, more than half of teenagers do not know about the existence of sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, they will not complain to parents on the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and bring the disease to severe, sometimes chronic, that cure is almost impossible.

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Second, in the absence of material means parents do not give money to their children, and if teenagers were pocket money and held a confidential conversation about the danger of unprotected intercourse, the risk of Contracting any infection would be reduced several times.

Who else gets to group of risk of sexually transmitted diseases?

The people with unconventional orientation, because they are sure to get how to get pregnant, only in bisexual intercourse. Also, suffer people leading an immoral life, to a greater extent — it addicts.

How would it not sound surprising, but if you compare men and women, pick up infections more frequently than the latter. All because women shift the responsibility for purchasing of condoms on men, and they, in turn, often ignore such hopes.

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What is the danger of sexually transmitted diseases?

Advanced forms of the diseases caused by the sexual infections that have side-effects, adverse health and life. One of the most common doctors call — infertility.

The worst thing is that women have sexually transmitted diseases do not manifest immediately, but only after a few weeks of habitat the infection inside the genitals.

Plus, the symptoms of some sexually transmitted diseases are identical to each other and the patient may take the wrong decision, taking the perfect cure for other ailments without consulting a doctor. In this case, lost valuable time.

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