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Physicians disproved popular myths about healthy eating

Медики опровергли популярные мифы о здоровом питанииHealthy eating is becoming more popular.

Many sites are full of conflicting and often erroneous statements that only confuse people.

The impression of one big fog in which it is impossible to discern truthful information. debunk 3 common myths about healthy eating.

Myth 1: juices and smoothies hold a detox body

Professional trainers and nutritionists would never suggest “clean” juices. If you type in a search for “detox”, you’ll find millions of tips, recipes and articles about how a few days of drinking the smoothies and fresh juices will bring all the toxins and improve health. Despite this, there is no evidence of such magical effects of juices on your body.

They will leave you hungry, and concentrated drinks will also irritate the esophagus.

Tip: eat vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water and do not abuse alcohol and not have to spend “cleaning”.

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Myth 2: some foods have negative calories

In fact, these products do not exist at all. The misconception is based on the assumption that the digestion of these foods you burn more calories than they contain. The logic is based on the scientific concept of “thermal effect of food”, which means the amount expended on digestion of energy.

People console themselves with the thought that foods with very low calorie (celery, apples, cucumbers, limes), so carefully handled in the esophagus, which in the end you are cheating your stomach and even burn calories. Sad, but it is not happening.

The processing of food to spend 10 to 20% of the energy contained in it. Low calorie – low thermic effect. It turns out that if a piece of celery for 7 calories, even at maximum flow rate you leave yourself at least 5 kcal.

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Myth 3: muscle can turn into fat and Vice versa

Muscle and fat tissue are two completely different structure and fantastic transformation is simply impossible. With the same success it is possible to say that water can turn into wine.

If you stop to train or to follow the diet, then your muscles will not disappear. Just to prevail begin fat. Also with a reverse process: if you train hard and eat right, build muscle. The level of fat falls, but transformation is not happening.

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