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Physicians called disturbing symptoms of lung cancer

Медики назвали тревожные симптомы рака легкихStable cough is the most common symptom of lung cancer at an early stage.

Lung cancer remains in our country the most common malignant neoplasm among men. Experts called the 9 warning signs that this disease can be detected at an early stage.

Stable cough is the most common symptom of lung cancer at an early stage. Naturally, the cough often accompanies smokers, and his presence does not mean the beginning of cancer. However, it is worth considering, and if it persists too long, it makes sense to check the body of the doctor. Especially if you notice changes in the character of the cough. In addition, when all of a sudden started to cough blood, or suddenly a lot of mucus, then a visit to the doctor absolutely necessary. Pay attention to changes in tone of voice. For example, when you suddenly there is a hoarseness, or voice changes unexpectedly.

Alarming are the changes in breathing including shortness of breath. They may be the result of penetration of the tumor in the air passages, which start to close. Sometimes when I breath there is a whistling that seems innocent and even funny. However, it also indicates a problem with the air passages. Never ignore chest pain, especially if they don’t pass themselves. In lung tumors the pain can also give in the chest, shoulders or back.

Many malignancies are accompanied by unexplained weight loss, which is very fast. Lung cancer is often manifested by pain in bones worse at night. You should not ignore headaches, although in the case of lung cancer they can attest to the fact that it had already metastasized to the brain, and of beating the disease impossible.

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