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Physicians are reminded of the expiration dates of Christmas food

Медики напомнили о сроках хранения новогодних блюдIf you do not want to poison, then listen to the advice of doctors.

According to tradition, everything we ate new year’s eve, to eat up another week after the holiday. But, as doctors say, it is dangerous to health and life in General.

It turns out that all Banquet dishes, which are typically prepared on New year, you can store a maximum of two days. That is, January 2, it should be eaten or disposed of.

Physicians are reminded about the expiration of the holiday meals for those in the New year and ready too many:

Salad “Olivier” is stored in the refrigerator for 12 hours, and if you left the dish on the table, then eat it in the morning anymore.

Salad “Herring under a fur coat” also has a 12-hour shelf life. And this despite the fact that you were preparing a salad of fresh herring, sureswaran eggs and high-quality mayonnaise.

The aspic jelly, or doctors are allowed to eat only if it stood in the refrigerator for no more than 12 hours. But here is more important to those who were prepared, comply with security measures, for example, butchered meat freshly washed hands on a clean Board or platter. And also, you need to follow the rules of the neighborhood dishes and food in the fridge.

Marinated mushrooms. If the table mushrooms are not eaten, then you better not take any chances and throw them away immediately or put in refrigerator and eat in the morning but not later on and this is assuming that the open dish stood on the festive table is not more than 2 hours.

Fried or baked chicken. The shelf life of this product reaches 36 hours, but the chicken needs to be refrigerated and wrapped in cling film.

Meat “in French”. This dish is prepared with mayonnaise, sometimes with boiled eggs, so it has a maximum shelf life of 24 hours. Again, a dish with meat should be refrigerated and be enjoyed so that any pathogens, it has not chosen.

Cakes and pastries with a protein cream. This product should be used immediately for the holiday table. The remains must be placed in a sealed dish and leave in the fridge overnight, but January 1, all to eat up.

Violation of rules of storage of the Christmas dishes and use them after the expiration date has come to an end, dangerous to health. This can result in poisoning and even death.

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