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Physicians are reminded how to properly take a shower

Медики напомнили, как правильно принимать душIn the shower we spend a lot of time not even thinking about the fact that this procedure can hurt.

With proper water treatments, your skin will not be dry and will be less exposed to aggressive external influences.

Pay attention to the following 3 reasons why washing in the shower can lead to negative effect on your appearance.

Wrong temperature

If I take a shower, try to always maintain a moderate temperature, regardless of the weather outside. Dermatologists claim that warm water is the best choice for the skin, as the hot promotes rapid drying.

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A lot of time in the shower

If you are one of those who likes to splash in the water, know that it is at least pleasant, but harmful. Staying too long in the shower can dramatically dry your skin. Appropriate time for wash – 5-7 minutes.

Ignore the procedure after a shower

Often you forget that just taking a shower is not enough of a step to moisturize your skin. Therefore, after water treatments dermatologists recommend not to wipe in a hurry, and gently RUB the skin with towel to avoid irritation. Also always within a few minutes after a shower use a moisturizing cream or oil – it will help the body to lock in moisture.

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