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Physicians announced unexpected cause of bad breath

Врачи озвучили неожиданную причину неприятного запаха изо ртаThis is interesting.

Fetid breath can be caused by a genetic disease.

Researchers from the Dutch University of Nijmegen found that in most cases, bad breath occurs due to the growth of bacteria that produce sulfur compounds.

However, the cause may be chronic halitosis, which affects approximately 3% of the population. The scientists noted that it develops for no apparent reason. In this case, bad breath can be caused by a genetic defect.

Specialists conducted the study, which took samples of the exhaled gas, blood and urine of patients suffering from persistent bad breath.

An increased amount methanethiol and dimethyl sulfide detected in the samples, helped the experts to conclude that the failure in the process of metabolism.

According to doctors, the problems with metabolism lead to the accumulation of sulfur compounds. A mutation in the gene SELENBP1 leads to a lack of protein, which is involved in the breakdown of matantala foul — smelling gas produced by various processes of degradation of organic sulfur compounds.

Due to the lower activity of the gene in the blood of these men have increased levels of metanola and other sulfur compounds, which, when inhaled into the lungs, and exhaled air, and cause fetid breath, explained the existing mechanism experts.

Scientists estimate that for every 90 thousand people have one carrier of such mutation.

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