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Physical activity can help prevent liver cancer

Физические нагрузки помогают предотвратить рак печениPhysical activity reduces the risk of cancer.

In the experiment, scientists divided the laboratory mice into two groups.

One group was fed normally, the second – fatty foods. Then these two groups split into two. Subgroups were defined based on the level of physical activity. Physically active subgroups on the elliptical per day for 60 minutes (generally 5 days a week).

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After 32 weeks, 71% of mice fed a normal diet and regularly train, fixed tumors (greater than 10 millimeters in size). And in the group that barely moved and ate greasy food, the figure was 100%. In addition, active animals were recorded fewer tumors

Scientists strongly recommend to conduct an active way of life. It is important both from the point of view of developing liver cancer, but also non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is especially important for people who are predisposed to the development of hepatocellular carcinoma. This type of cancer accounts for 5.4% of all cancer cases in the world. A year, a death toll of 695 thousand.

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