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Photos from the wedding Meladze “blew up” the Network

Фото со свадьбы Меладзе "взорвало" СетьIn the Internet appeared the modest wedding ceremony of the daughter of Valery Meladze Inga.

The successor of the popular performer made a commitment to get married, but with a large number of guests.

Daughter Valery Meladze Inga married. About the joyous event in his life, the girl declared on the page in social network Instagram. Happy bride posted a touching photo, which depicted with the newly made husband in the background is green grass and naked trees.

Judging by the caption to the picture, the wedding took place on January 14. “Big day, the modest celebration. Can’t wait to mention it again where a large number of guests in October,” wrote Inge. Many members immediately rushed to congratulate the daughter of the artist.

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Elect Inga was an Englishman Nori Verghese, journalist middle East TV channel Al Jazeera. Mother Inga in awe of his son. “I admire the tenacity of this guy. He is not sitting on the neck of the father. A year to learn the Arabic language, after graduation got a job as a journalist. Nori is going to take a Bank loan for a flat in London. Of course, I wish the daughter lived here. But it’s her life – let her decide,” – said in a recent interview, Irina.

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Offer hands and hearts the groom Inga made in a romantic atmosphere of an Oriental Palace. The engagement took place in Marrakech. Verges invited her for a weekend and gave her a Grand surprise.

Фото со свадьбы Меладзе "взорвало" Сеть

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