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Photos from the shooting of the series “Sherlock” reveal plot twists of the new season

The BBC has published online a new photo from the set of the 4th season of “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. The continuation of the series will air in a month, but now the audience has the opportunity to make a first impression of what will be three new series. One of the most important revelations will be the birth of the son of John Watson, which probably Sherlock will have to find a common language. That’s only if you judge by the pictures, it is unlikely he will succeed better than to reveal another crime.

Photos from the shooting of the series “Sherlock” reveal plot twists of the new season

The main villain in the 4th season will be the hero Toby Jones – Calverton Smith, familiar to fans of the original books by Arthur Conan Doyle. This character appeared in the story “Sherlock Holmes death”, which tells about the strange and deadly Eastern disease of genius deduction. The authors of “Sherlock” is not reported how much the Calverton Smith from the book will be similar to the on-screen character, however, according to producer Steven Moffat, Smith will be the most dangerous opponent in the entire history of the series.

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Photos from the shooting of the series “Sherlock”
According to rumors, the fourth season may be the “Sherlock” last. This is due to too busy shooting schedule of the show’s stars – Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Stephen Moffat, who produces the series, and is also involved in the process of writing the script, restrained notes that he is not yet ready to part with your favorite characters, so any predictions about his fate does not. Recall that the upcoming 4th season, the audience had to wait three long years. January 1, 2016 aired a special Christmas episode of “Sherlock” – “the Ugly bride” and the filming of the continuation of the series managed to get only a couple of months later.

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The trailer of the 4th season of “Sherlock”

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