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Photo Sergey Lazarev, holding a fan over his chest, amused fans

Not long ago, 34-year-old Sergey Lazarev stopped to hide the fact that he has a son. The singer has been actively sharing photos of Nikita in Instagram.

Together with his son, the singer spent the holidays in may. Sergei did not tell where they went, and only shared another photo with Nikita.

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Recently Sergey posted a new photo — this time with a fan of Vladimir. “Meeting with the Fan club in Vladimir, was a great success!” — signed the Lazarev (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Members of the musician with humor reacted to what is happening in the frame. They picture ridiculous: “Ah, Ah, Seryozha. Not so good”, “Her landscapes, I budaragin…”, “Huliganchika!!!”, “Well this is a joke! Ha ha!Sergey-pozitifff walking!”, “Dive, Serge”, “ay yay yay, Sergey! Shame on you”, “Bad Boy!” — joked the followers of Sergei.

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