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Photo of Svetlana Bondarchuk near the memorial to victims of the Holocaust provoked a scandal

Svetlana Bondarchuk together with her friend Hope Obolentseva is now in the Berlin film festival. Friend a lot of walking around the city, go on trips, and visited the Holocaust memorial, which is a 2700 grey slabs of different heights, resembling tombstones. Friend took a photo inside the memorial.

Bondarchuk did not expect that the will become a cause of scandal. Many members descended on her with criticism and accusations of disrespect for the dead people. Some said that he was disappointed in sue.

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“Light! Complete loss of sense of proportion! That’s an understatement! Something girl you played!”, “What is it? Shocking? Unawareness? Callousness? Svetlana a stretch — organic. And the enthusiastic girl, for emotion is not aware of where it is. Rude and tactless photo”, “least expect it from Svetlana. Always thought that the man with tact, reasonable. Why do pictures”, “Nothing sacred,” commented the members Bondarchuk (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

By the way, the question of relevance of pictures on the background of the memorial has already been raised by Israeli satirist Shahak Shapira, who believes that to do a selfie next to the monument is unacceptable. Shahak has created a photo project called Yolocaust, on his website features photos of people from Instagram taken at the memorial. If you hover on the photo, its background will change to the footage from German concentration camps. I wonder will there photos of Svetlana with a friend?

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