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Photo from the shooting “And the lights go out…” WORSE than the movie itself!

The film of David F. Sandberg (Director) and James WAN (producer) “And the lights go out…” last year gave the world a new horror franchise, and Javier Boteco competitor for the title of the new icons of horror in the face of a girl named Alicia Vela-Bailey. She embodied on the screen the image of a nightmarish demonic antagonist that comes in darkness and disappears when turn on the light.

Believe it or not, but the same girl was also the understudy of beauty Gal gadot during the filming of the comic book “Wonder woman”. Another funny coincidence: the heroine “Wonder woman” and the monster in “there goes the light…” name is Diana. You can fantasize that in some alternate universe it’s all one and the same character, just in different years of life 🙂

Despite the fact that Diana “And the lights go out…” due to objective reasons most of the screen time in the dark, the actress had a long time to make-up for filming. Unfortunately, this spooky makeup in the film is almost invisible. But, fortunately, most of Alicia’s left some great, real Knipovich photo, which we shared.

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