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Philip showed a photo of Alla Pugacheva with a newborn Nikita Presnyakov

May 21, Nikita Presnyakov celebrated its 25th anniversary. On this day, the budding musician was congratulated by many star friends, among which was Philip Kirkorov.

The singer posted a touching Instagram post, sharing exclusive the 25-year-old. The photo depicts Alla Pugacheva Nikita with a newborn! As it turned out, the Diva was present at the birth of the first grandson who was born in a clinic in London.

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Publication from Philip (@fkirkorov) on May 20 2017 at 6:12 PDT

“NIKITA! How the time flies. I remember the moment you were born in Sunny may afternoon, and these two amazing women were there with you in the first second of your birth and the happiness that still nearer and dearer one you have, and they are still close and love you! Your family is your wealth! Your great grandfather, a Musician with a capital Letter, Vladimir Presnyakov, wonderful grandma Lena and grandpa Petrovich! Take care of them! Love them! Appreciate and respect and believe me you will be always happy because the power is in the family! That’s what I want you to wish in your birthday! May God grant them all good health and many more happy summer. Be healthy and of course, creativity you sparkling! You are incredibly talented, and this is not surprising)) You’re a real Taurus, born in the year of the Goat! And that’s saying a lot! Well, good luck to you in your personal life! Hope you met the right mate by the name of Alain for life!!! Once again, happy Birthday, Son! F. K.” — verbose congratulated Philip Nikita happy birthday (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

Cake is not a lie (who played Portal will understand) #cakeisnotalie #happybirthday #happybday #birthday

Publication of Nikita Presnyakov (@npresnyakov) May 20 2017 at 4:37 PDT

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