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PhD suggested what foods will help with autumn depression

Кандидат наук подсказала, какие продукты помогут при осенней депрессииNow everyone will be able to cope with your mood and eliminate seasonal depression.

Nutritionist and PhD Julia Moskvicheva advised in the autumn to lean on foods rich in b vitamins, magnesium and calcium. According to her, these substances are among the first to be washed from the vessels belonging to the human nervous system, which arises first a decadent mood, gradually develops into depression.

Some foods will help to cope with autumn depression?

Most essential trace elements and valuable for the nervous system vitamin is found in nuts, seeds, buckwheat and oat cereals, legumes, bread made of flour, curd and cheese, green vegetables, egg yolks, liver, fish, potatoes, cabbage, spinach, asparagus and so on.

It turns out that these foods should be present in daily diet and it is desirable that it was not one product, but several. This way you diversify your menu and at the same time will take care of the mood.

Additional methods of dealing with seasonal depression:

– make time for your Hobbies and spend time doing the things you’ve always wanted, but could not in any circumstances;

– sleep at least 7 hours per night and allow yourself 30-60 minutes to rest after I came home from work;

– watch a Comedy, not a melodrama;

sports – this will help you to “throw away” all the negativity out of my head;

– communicate with friends and family, throw parties and gatherings that will lift your spirits;

– wear clothes with bright or light colors.

List the ways that will help to cope with depression in the fall, can be very long, because a lot of. The main thing – to ask to “stop moping” and all you get, because autumn isn’t a sad time, actually, it is bright, fresh, velvety and incredibly fragrant.

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Psychologists often recommend fresh air and catch the rays of the sun, which enrich the body with vitamin D and significantly improve mood.

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