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“Phantasm” is ready to reboot in the style of the new “Halloween”

At least, so says screenwriter Danny McBride.

After the premiere of the new “Halloween”, it became clear that its authors, David Gordon green and McBride has finally done what all promise, but no one in the end his words were not holding. In short, these guys did the sequel of a cult classic, showing 100% respect for her. It is not surprising that fans of horror now ask them about other famous genre franchises that could be as soft reboot.

Communicating with fans on the website Reddit McBride answered one of those questions, saying that “Phantasm” ready for a reboot.

Interestingly, the original picture was published in 1978, one year with “Halloween” carpenter. Maybe it’s fate?

Anyway, the last part in the series, “Phantasm 5: Ravager”, released a few years ago, in 2016. Unfortunately, the permanent executor of a role of villain Angus Scrimm did not live up to this premiere. Is it possible to “Phantasm” without him? Especially if we’re talking about a soft reset?

By the way, earlier, answering the similar question, David Gordon green called other options, namely “killer Robots” in 1986 and “sleepaway camp” 1983, the benefit of a long time ago there was talk, if the development is a remake.

What do you say? Whether or not the “Phantasm” and other franchises ready to reboot in the style of “Halloween”?

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