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Petersburgers revolted packages from the Smolny

Петербуржцев возмутили продуктовые наборы от Смольного

Because of the private kindergartens in hours a week Petersburgers with pre-school children have been entitled to free food packages. To the editor of “Rosbalt” the inhabitant of the Primorsky district, Yekaterina, who was unpleasantly surprised by the contents of the “bonus” from the Smolny.

“Yesterday I got a call from social services and said that will bring social set. I have preschoolers, so I waited the appropriate food: cookies, cereal, pasta, anything like that,” — said the interviewee, whose children are 4 and 7 years.

The expectations of the citizens of St. Petersburg did not materialize. Social services brought the “ketchups” and nutrition for babies up to one year.

“Eight cans of ketchup! For pre-school children that you can use except as finger paints. No mother in their right mind would feed a child a strange sauce consisting of vegetable fats. Only buy it for kids? <…> A strange set for preschoolers. Absolutely not what ozhidali. It is useless,” protested Catherine.

Similar complaints posted on social networks and other residents of the city. So, from St Petersburg Guzel wondered why the food set included ketchup. “For our Pope, probably, sweet sauce-chili 8 cans,” wrote a girl.

Note that Smolny will also provide meals to preferential categories of pupils and students of the College. The set can include cereals, canned fish, tea, juices, pastry and other products.

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