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Personnel escaping the North Korean military to South Korea. Video

Кадры побега северокорейского военного в Южную Корею. ВидеоThe soldier has shot colleagues, but he managed to get to the demilitarized zone.

New video for escape the North Korean military across the border to South Korea. The record shows, as his shot his colleagues, and then save the South Korean military.

The video, which was published by the UN command in the southern region, shows a soldier, who last week defected from North Korea in a military vehicle and after the accident, I continued on foot.

The footage clearly shows how he was persecuted and shot by his countrymen, before he was pulled to a safe place by the military on the other side of the border.

He was rescued three South Korean border guards. Footage of the escape came after the soldier was shot five times, went to the amendment. Publisher Yonhap reports that a government official has said that the soldier woke up and asked to watch TV.

Colonel Chad Carroll, a representative of the command of the UN, said North Korean soldiers firing at defectors, had violated the armistice agreement, because shot personal weapons in the demilitarized zone that separates the two opposing powers.

North Korea has not publicly commented on the situation with the turncoat.

Surgeon Lee cook-John, who spent the deserter two operations, announced that the defector was able to tell him about the causes of desertion.
“The reason he went AWOL, the risk of death and faced with shots in the back, was what he had hoped for a better life in South Korea,” said Lee.

Soldiers will be under observation for several weeks.

“The patient requires intensive therapy, detailed tests and observations because there is a probability that his condition may deteriorate due to infections to his gunshot wounds,” – said in a statement.

Doctors removed dozens of parasites from the small intestine loosened defector, including what turned out to be a round worm with a length up to 27 cm It is evidence of poor nutrition among ordinary North Korean soldiers.

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