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Personal experience: I shaved my face and do it again

A couple of years ago beauty bloggers embraced the madness of the wearer’s social networks, one after the other grabbed the blade and shaved my face. The girls claimed that after this procedure the skin becomes incredibly smooth and soft like silk, makeup goes on better and lasts longer, and nourishing serum is absorbed for a couple of seconds. Check out this dare brave American journalist Marie Claire Jessica Defino. We read her story, impressed and decided to share with you: translated the story of Jessica and published in the first person.

I have always had a dark, rather noticeable, and the hairs on the cheeks, above the upper lip and chin (thanks to the Italian roots). Although many women, especially lately, leave them intact, personally I feel much more confident without them. The only problem is that my pale, extremely sensitive skin. To do peels, laser resurfacing and other treatments are contraindicated for me.

So when I heard about dermaplaning — the procedure of scraping the surface of the stratum corneum of the skin and the downy hair at an angle of 45 degrees (a standard method of exfoliation removes skin surface dead cells and smooths its surface), I was intrigued. It is, in fact, just manual exfoliation using a blade, says Nusha Salimi, cosmetologist from Los Angeles.

It is believed that after dermaplaning the skin becomes even and smooth. In addition, it is helpful when applying makeup: it is easier to apply and lasts longer. The hairs are gently removed, the skin cleaned of dirt and dead skin cells and care products are better absorbed and work more efficiently. Sounds too good to be true. I studied all the information on the topic and decided to test the procedure.

Possible risks

Dermaplaning can cause irritation if you have oily or sensitive skin. Also we should be careful for those who have rosacea, psoriasis or eczema. A week before and after the procedure, avoid any exfoliating tools (e.g., scrubs, creams with retinoids or acids), so as not to injure the skin.


How is the procedure

Beautician first prepared my skin. She cleaned it, removed a few white bumps below the blade smoothly glided over the surface, then wiped his face with alcohol (not the most pleasant sensations, but understand me the owner of sensitive skin). Often at this stage beauticians use a simple cleanser and the Clarisonic brush. My advice: call and ask your beautician how to prepare your skin for the procedure before coming to his office.


Wiping the face with alcohol was perhaps the most unpleasant part of the entire process (patient it only takes ten seconds). Surprisingly, dermaplaning my skin is not damaged. In fact, the experience was incredible. No, I’m serious. I had no idea that the procedure would be so gentle — all the movements of the beautician was smooth and more like a massage. I instantly relaxed. If men feel the same way in the Barber chair while they shave their face, then I envy them!

The specialist only took 20 minutes to completely remove all downy hair on my face (do not touch only inflamed pimples, to even not to aggravate the situation), then I struck a moisturizer to soften the skin and prevent irritation. No hairs, my skin seemed a bit bare — I felt otherwise, everything from the breeze to kiss the cheek of my husband. I even thought that at night I feel like the active ingredients in the serum penetrate deep into the skin.


I thought that after such a “shave” my skin definitely I will not say thank you, and will be irritated, red and inflamed. However, it was the first five days. Usually the redness subsides within an hour or two, but I had to use hydrocortisone ointment little to soothe the skin. A week later I went to the amendment. Face really smooth and soft, but the hairs treacherously fought again…


Although my first experience of dermaplaning can not be called successful, I will give this procedure a chance. Next time however, I refuse to facial massage and the use of some beauty products (not to provoke the irritation).

We asked the doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist Center cosmetology Tori Mary Charlieboy, is this method so good.

Dermaplaning is the procedure of scraping the top layer of the epidermis (surface of the Horny layer of the skin) and the downy hair on the face in which instead of the razor tool is used similar to a surgical scalpel.

For some positive effect from this procedure, its effectiveness is questionable. Given the speed of hair growth after shaving, you should prepare for the next session is already in 7-10 days (a thick and hard hairs require regular removal).

Overall, this leads to a thickening of vellus hair and impaired skin barrier function as upper layers of the epidermis become thinner. And, of course, there is the risk of infection and the consequences, such as ingrown hairs. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, it is a risk to hurt her.

For trimming the hairs in this area I would recommend a laser photoepilation. And for the effect of smooth and smooth skin is enough to choose enzymatic or chemical peel superficial or a deeper action. They not only leveled the terrain, but also improve the complexion, fight pigmentation and stimulate the processes of skin renewal.

And you would have decided on such an unusual procedure?

And you would have decided on such an unusual procedure?

Yes, it is necessary poprobovala, with what speed then the facial hair will grow…

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